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A new world order is emerging and knowledge perspective is becoming increasingly global to keep pace with the demands of changing times. We have, accordingly, structured our academic institution to provide access to the benefits of a unified education system that grooms global citizens of tomorrow. We intend evolving a distinctive scholastic pattern by fostering an international community of students, learners and the learned.
Through keeping ourselves informed about the relevant intellectual developments, scientific innovations, technological advancements, economic progressions and socio-political changes taking place all around, we aim to establish a comprehensive and dynamic system of knowledge management that would combine ethical learning with the best of international education.
We shall remain committed to introducing modern approaches in curriculum design and implementation, improving practical skills and promoting informed dialogue at various academic forums within and outside the Boarding precincts.

Primary Section

Here teaching is tailored to suit the needs of the students by involving them in the learning process and maintaining their interest. The formal education system is introduced using NCERT as a guideline. There are no formal examinations for classes I to II, although grades are awarded to our students on the basis of continuous evaluation through the year. It is only in grade III that a child first appears for a short exam. The home assignments given are not a carry over of class work but are oriented towards bringing perfection in individual talents. Special stress is given on projects and group activities.

Middle and Senior Section

Perfection in academics along with preparing the young minds to face the daunting challenges ahead is always reflected in the efforts of the staff and students of the Institution. Class room teaching is accompanied with the use of audio visual computer aided capsules, group activity, regular work-sheets, question banks and enough resource material. Stress is laid on giving individual attention. The focus is on enabling the child to develop self learning skills during class room teaching, rather than depending on private tuition. A continuous comprehensive evaluation system is used which gives due weight age to class tests, unit tests, term exams, project work and class room participation. Results are computer generated giving detailed analysis of students’ performance.

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